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Top Tips to Start a Small Business as an Introvert

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Introverts who want to start their own business sometimes hesitate because their work would

usually include interacting with other people daily. However, not all types of businesses require so much interaction with others, and not all small business owners are extroverts.

In some cases, being an introvert in the world of business can be a huge advantage, especially if you are an introvert that loves to listen and reflect on the business tips that others have to give to you.

Tip 1: Hire Extroverted Employees

If you need employees to help you run your business, consider hiring people that complement

your own strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you love to run your company website but dislike answering incoming e-mails, hire someone who can handle e-mails, even if they don't know much about website design.

Customer service, marketing, and sales are great roles to hire extroverted individuals for.

Extroverts may also fit well into management and public relations roles. If you face issues in

finding the right people for these roles, remember that you can also outsource some work to

freelancers online. Many freelancers usually work with other clients that can vouch for their work experience.

Tip 2: Create an Online Business

For some introverts, interacting with others virtually can be less draining that interacting in

person. So, consider taking your business online if possible, either with a shop, an outreach

website, or social media pages. Even if you only sell in-person services, choosing these options can take some load off by giving customers a place to look when they need an explanation of what your business does.

Taking some or all of your business online also unlocks the potential for extra income since you can reach many more people online rather than in a singular brick-and-mortar location.

Additionally, you may be able to create a form of passive income through your online business, specifically if you have goods or services that can be sold without the need for interaction with customers. Some businesses do this by selling digital books, pre-made online courses, and other digital materials and packages.

Another idea is to have online-only discount coupons that you post on social media. Even if your business is offline, customers can use the coupons when making purchases at your store.

Tip 3: Schedule Your Interactions Mindfully

All small business owners have one advantage - they are always in charge of their own

businesses. So, you always have the freedom to schedule your own time for work and time off. If you find being around customers and clients all day to be draining, consider scheduling set times to meet with them each day or week.

By setting up meetings, you can control the time and duration of your client consultations, and you can therefore carve out time before and after each interaction to relax and recharge. If you have a lot of employees to manage, consider setting up set office hours for them to meet with you.

Tip 4: Network with Just a Few People

While extroverts tend to have large circles of simple acquaintances, introverts often have small circles of close-knit friendships. Take the introverted main character of the film Perks of Being a Wallflower (on Prime Video), Charlie, who discovers meaning in his life just by making two meaningful friends in high school.

During networking events, extroverts may make many connections, but they may not

necessarily make memorable connections because they tend to talk only for a short period with each person in the room. On the other hand, introverts can walk away from networking events with a handful of very memorable connections because they tend to talk and listen to a select few people. If you're an introvert, consider doing just this to get some real connections that can help you build your business later on.

At networking events, you should remember that your end goal is to find people to interact with. However, you should also remember to be yourself and not make yourself uncomfortable by talking too much. Try to find a few people that you find interesting, and then spend lots of time listening to them and speaking as you feel comfortable. Most importantly, in every conversation, exchange contact information so that you can follow up with those people in the days after the event.


A lot of introverts shy away from becoming small business owners because they believe it will

be too draining for their personalities. However, there are lots of ways to become a successful

businessperson as an introvert, especially when you focus on your strengths and find ways to

compensate for your weaknesses.

By: Toast and Jam Community Contributor

Image: Pexels

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