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Book Our Conference Room

Meetings and conferences can be a big part of business., and we're glad to provide an easy solution for you to connect with your team and clients. Our conference room seats 8 people at the table comfortably with 10 seats in the room total.

This attractive conference room features an exposed brick wall with two large exterior windows, exposed industrial ductwork, a painted wood ceiling, and 10 brown leather office chairs paired with the glossy wood conference table.  

Amenities include electronic access, 42"x 96" table with built-in power, HDMI, and LAN, 60" whiteboard, 60" display, Bluetooth sound system, ROKU, late/coffee machine, mini-fridge, and light refreshments.

We also offer a complete Vlogging and podcasting solution for up to five participants (ask for details, Equipment is available for a per-session rental fee).

Select a booking duration to make your reservation, or check availability here.

Bookings over 4 hours include a free 30-minute buffer so you can comfortably wrap up your meeting without having to rush out.

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