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  • What is Coworking?
    Many modern professionals and business owners are not confined to a standard office or workplace and enjoy working remotely from home or in a coffee shop. Our Coworking facility provides them with a comfortable alternative. This is a private members-only club for business people and remote employees who would like to work in a beautiful environment designed specifically for them with productivity and community in mind. They can work at any open table, booth, or couch using their own device while connected to our wi-fi. They can also meet other like-minded individuals who are also members of our community and collaborate with them. It’s also a great place to bring their colleagues or clients for a meeting. Would it be a good fit for you? Come and take a tour to find out.
  • Who should consider a Coworking Membership?
    Coworking is a great fit for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, business owners and developers, Realtors, remote or hybrid workers, traveling professionals, and anyone who would like to be part of a local professional network. It’s also great for anyone who works from home that would like to meet with clients in a more professional setting, or just to escape the distractions of home life for a few hours of productivity. Coworkers enjoy using the space to work privately or to socialize and collaborate with other like-minded members. Is it right for you? Book a Day Pass and find out.
  • What is an Executive Office?
    Long-term office leasing can be risky for many small businesses and satellite offices. Traditional office providers usually require large up-front deposits, and 3 or 5-year contracts, often with no support or utilities. Our Private Office membership is a flexible alternative. We provide our members with an unfurnished turn-key office that is ready as soon as you move in. There are no security deposits or long-term contracts, and we keep the common areas and bathrooms clean and stocked. Members have access to the on-site well-equipped conference room and the large classroom space. We cover all the utility costs including high-speed internet, wi-fi, and CCTV security, with 24-hour access seven days a week. We even provide coffee, filtered water, soft drinks, and snacks. Our Private Office members also enjoy the flexibility of canceling their membership at any time or moving to a different-sized office if they need one. Is one of our Private Offices right for you? Come take a tour and find out.
  • Can I bring a Guest?
    Yes! Here's the guest excerpt from out Terms of Use: Each monthly member may be accompanied by a maximum of three (3) non-member guests per day in the coworking area and a maximum of five (5) non-member guests in any private office unless management is informed in advance, and management agrees to a temporary increase to these limits. A temporary increase must be provided via email. Each Punch Pass and Day Pass member may be accompanied by One (1) guest at a time in the coworking area. *A "Guest" is any non-member who is accompanied by a member for "official purposes" for a maximum of four (4) consecutive hours, on any three (3) days per calendar month. Guest passes are not intended to be used in lieu of a membership. Any person that intends to regularly use the space for official purposes does not qualify as a guest.
  • What is a Business Mailbox membership?
    We maintain a number of physical mailboxes located in the lobby of our facility. With a Business Mailbox membership you can use this address to receive mail for your business, and use it as the physical address for your business as well. This might come in handy if you own a home-based or service business and you’d prefer not to use your home address. Additionally, our mailbox addresses are not P.O. Boxes so you can use them to receive mail and parcels from senders who refuse P.O.Boxes. As a member, you will receive a physical key to your mailbox and key FOB for the front door. You have access to the lobby and your mailbox 24/7. We also accept packages for you during our regular business hours and keep them in a locked office until you pick them up. Is our Business Mailbox membership right for you? Call us and find out.
  • Can I use my Business Mailbox membership to register my business with Buford for a business license?
    Yes! We have a great relationship with Buford City Hall and they understand our members and their needs. We have to maintain our records for them so we require a one-time $50 administrative fee for using your mailbox address to register your business with Buford. You will need to bring our CoO when applying at Buford City Hall so ask us for a copy before you go.
  • Can I use this address for my Google Business account and Google Maps?
    The short answer is we don’t know. We have several members that have successfully done so, while others have been rejected. Google is constantly changing its guidelines for acceptable addresses, and we hope they will fully embrace the shared workspace model soon.
  • What is a Virtual Mailbox?
    If you don’t need a physical mailbox or a new business address, you can opt for our Virtual Mailbox membership. It comes with some additional perks! You will receive notifications every time an item comes in, and you tell us what to do with it. We can forward it to you, open and scan it, trash it, or hold it for you. All of your mail and parcels are kept in a locked office until you schedule a pick up. Is a Virtual Mailbox a good fit for your business? Send us a message to learn more.
  • What are your terms of use?
    See our ToU here.
  • Can I book a family/children's party in the event space?
    We aren't accepting any children's parties at this time, but feel free to reach out to a staff member if you'd like to be considered for an exception.
  • Are there any additional fees for booking the event space?
    It's possible that there may be additional fees depending on the type and size of the event. A staff member will consult with you after your booking is received to discuss the details of your event, and we may send you an invoice for additional costs.
  • What's your cancellation policy for bookings?
    We'll refund the full booking price if the booking is canceled more than 48 hours before the scheduled booking time. We'll refund 50% of the booking price if the event is canceled less than 48 hours before the scheduled booking time. If the booking has been rescheduled we will refund 50% of the booking price if the event is then canceled later.
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