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The Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring Freelancers for Difficult Tasks

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As a business owner, you may occasionally find that you need help with certain responsibilities, but you don’t necessarily need to hire a full-time employee to get the job done. Perhaps you’ve worked with freelancers who provided bookkeeping, accounting, or virtual assistant services. Now, it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to working with freelancers. At coworking spaces like Toast & Jam Community, you can find freelancers with skills ranging from link building to software development! Here’s how freelancers can lend you a hand with a few tasks that might be considered out of the ordinary. Business Formation Services Working with a business formation service is the easiest way to avoid substantial lawyer fees while establishing an LLC for your business. Forming an LLC comes with numerous benefits, like limited liability, tax perks, easy paperwork, and flexibility. Business owners should be aware that the rules for forming an LLC vary across different states, so take time to research your own local regulations before you start the process. IT and Cybersecurity Today, even small business owners need to think about cybersecurity. Failing to protect your company’s data can result in serious problems for your business and expose you to financial risks. If you are concerned about information security for your business, you could consider working with IT specialists or cybersecurity experts on a freelance basis. When you know that your data is secure, you can enjoy peace of mind! Link Building Digital marketing should be a key component of your business’s advertising strategy, and if you want your business website to rank high in searches for relevant keywords, you may want to work with a link building expert! According to Squawkia, a link building expert who can connect your business to other reputable websites in your niche can naturally drive more traffic to your website, which will help increase your profits. Excel Specialist Business owners have relied on Excel to track data for years, but an Excel expert can teach you how to use all kinds of lesser-known functions with this program! If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed while trying to manage your spreadsheets, bringing on a freelancer with expertise in this area will allow you to make the most of Excel. Software Developer Have you ever considered building an app for your business? If you’d love to design a custom app, but you don’t have the time or skills to handle this project on your own, it’s time to look for a freelance software developer! To find the right developer, you’ll want to take plenty of time for the interview process. Dice recommends setting realistic expectations for coding abilities from the beginning and administering the appropriate tests. Customer Support No small business owner can overlook the importance of great customer support. But with so much on your plate, you may not be able to respond to every customer request individually. That’s why hiring an independent contractor to handle customer support tasks can be a great move for entrepreneurs! When looking for the right customer support specialist, you’ll want to seek out candidates with solid technical skills and people skills. After all, they’ll need to be able to work with your business’s software and help customers with their problems, so finding someone with a wide range of abilities is crucial. As a business owner, you know you can’t do everything on your own. Sometimes, you may not even realize that there’s a freelancer out there with the specialized skills necessary to tackle your biggest problems! By hiring the right freelancer, you’ll be able to outsource the tasks that you don’t have the time or resources to address by yourself. Turn to Toast & Jam Community for great workspaces, networking opportunities, and informative content that will help you prosper. By: Naomi Johnson Photo via proofhub

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