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Balancing Business: How You Can Start or Grow Your Business and Keep Up Self-Care

If you are starting or growing your own business, you likely find it filled with challenges you didn't expect. Research has shown the strain the COVID-19 pandemic places on small businesses, and every task can feel even more difficult than normal as you work to bring in customers, keep your business operating in the black, and ensure there are as few setbacks as possible. When managing your own company, the act of self-care might seem negotiable and even non-essential if you find yourself busy, but it is more crucial than you realize. Discover more about how to grow your business effectively while taking care of yourself in the process with these tips from the Toast & Jam Community.

Write It Down, Make It Happen

If you don't have a written list of things that need to get done to help your company, you could be making it harder to succeed. Writing down what needs to be done gives you the chance to assess what still needs to be accomplished, what is urgent, and what can wait. It also puts less stress on you since you aren't constantly struggling to recall all the things that need to be done.

Consider Outsourcing Help

While you might feel a sense of pride by handling everything on your own, this isn't necessarily the ideal way to work. Perhaps you need someone who is skilled when it comes to certain areas, such as handling payroll, carefully tracking your accounting, or marketing your business in person or via social media for you. Outsourcing can be a business decision rooted in self-care because allowing a professional to handle certain areas of your business gives you more time for your work and yourself. This is especially helpful when dealing with areas like systemizing payroll for startup ventures, so you can avoid potential complications when paying employees or making sure they have their tax information.

Leave Work Behind

Although this might sound easy in theory but difficult to actually put into practice, it's worth the effort. Once your workday is over, resolve to leave work behind, rather than let it take over your thoughts. It can cause even more distress to think about things you cannot fix immediately, and even take time away from your loved ones when you come home. While it might seem challenging at first, try to stop yourself from over-worrying or focusing on work once you've gone home. Give yourself permission to tackle the problem tomorrow, and think of this as another business decision to encourage self-care.

Make Time for Yourself

Make a point to regularly do little things that allow you to take time out for yourself. This is beneficial to your mental health and can help you feel recharged and ready to face another day at your business. Try leaving early one day a week, taking an extended lunch, or treating yourself to something in the middle of your workday, such as a massage or your favorite type of meal. Whatever works for you, the right reward can help you feel more uplifted and ready to face another day.

Running your own business comes with unique challenges. It's crucial that you know how to manage them while looking out for yourself at the same time. With the ability to prioritize in your business and out, you can create a work-life balance that allows you to take care of yourself and avoid burnout so you can take care of your company, too.

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By: Chelsea Lamb

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