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Top Tasks To Outsource for Your Small Business

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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When you're operating a small business, handling all the tasks you need to complete to stay successful can be challenging. Outsourcing some of these duties to professionals can save time, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Consider the following tasks and determine if you'd be better off outsourcing one or more of them.

#1 Accounting

Having a specialist handle your books helps ensure they're completed correctly. An accountant will also have the experience and education required to prepare your taxes, saving you the most money possible. If you are in the initial stages of your business, an accountant can also help set up the processes and methods of tracking expenses and income.

#2 Human Resources

Outsourcing your human resources can cover several areas of your company. Specialists can handle payroll processing, recruiting, hiring, and more. Here are some other tasks in human resources where it's probably best if you outsource them:

• Employee training

• Employment law compliance

• Managing employee benefits

• Employee health insurance

Choosing this option helps ensure your company is following regulations as rules can change quickly.

#3 IT Assistance

Using a specialist to handle your company's IT needs is essential. Like HR, several areas make up the IT space. You'll avoid frustration and save time by outsourcing to specialized companies or individuals. Whether you need hardware fixed, hosting, web design, or protection from cyber threats, it can be cost-effective to assign these tasks to IT experts.

An example of IT outsourcing can be seen in the movie "The Internship" on Prime Video. In it, interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, without an education or experience in coding, outsource the task of developing a new app.

#4 Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Search engine optimization and posting on social media apps and sites are a must to ensure that people find your business.

While it may seem enticing to simply take out your phone and post about your business, you need the right timing, the right tools, and the right messaging to succeed. Digital marketing specialists can employ their expertise in the field to help you achieve the desired engagement and visibility level.

#5 Customer Service

Without good customer support to handle problems, your business can soon have a poor reputation. An outsourced customer service team can provide the assistance your customers need when problems occur.

Note that choosing a company to handle customer service requires due diligence on your part as you want your customers handled just right every time. It will also need timely intervention from your end (even after you outsource to the company) to ensure that queries are being handled as per your liking.

#6 Payment Processing

Hiring a specialized payment processing company to manage your accounts helps ensure your company's accounts payable and receivables are handled correctly. Choosing a company with a refined process for this task is best and should reduce human error. You should have peace of mind when a specialized service takes care of your AR and AP responsibilities.

#7 Administrative Duties

Administrative tasks, while appearing to be minor ones, can range from appointment scheduling to call answering. Whether you operate a beauty salon, HVAC company, automotive repair center, or medical practice, outsourcing admin tasks should benefit your bottom line. You can take advantage of remote work by employing virtual assistants who may be thousands of miles away but can still manage your schedule and business tasks effectively.

#8 Lead Generation and Sales

One of the challenging aspects of running some small businesses is turning leads into loyal customers. There can be a delicate balance between your attention on getting new customers and talking to existing ones. Having an expert assist with lead generation and sales can help you find time to develop a strategy to acquire new customers.

#9 Shipping and Logistics

One part of keeping customers happy is shipping your products quickly to them. Using a shipping and logistics company to handle this task can be highly beneficial, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.

#10 Research

If you need to learn about your industry or customers, taking the time to research may be challenging. Using an outsourced company to conduct the research saves time. When you're thinking of expanding into a new market or launching a new product, receiving assistance with the research required to move forward should provide valuable insights.

#11 Legal Work

When you have legal questions that need to be answered correctly, paying an in-house attorney will likely be more expensive than outsourcing your legal work. Ensuring you take care of small legal tasks is vital to avoid them becoming more significant problems in the future. Outsourcing will likely be cost-effective and could save you a considerable amount if it helps you avoid legal problems.


As you can see, you can outsource several tasks to a specialist. When you begin outsourcing, determine tasks you need completed immediately. Once they get handled by a professional, you'll likely see how beneficial this option can be in helping increase productivity and financial gains.


By : Toast and Jam Community Contributor

Image via Pexels

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