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The Art of Recruitment Marketing

To survive and thrive as a company, you’ll need talented workers capable of handling their responsibilities. There are several strategies you can use to recruit and retain top talent — Toast & Jam Community presents a few of them below.

Transparent Recruitment Listings

The most important thing when recruiting highly talented workers is transparency and clarity in your job postings or other general communications. Those who can contribute a lot to your organization want to know that joining it is worthwhile and that they can trust you. While you might not post an exact salary due to negotiation purposes, providing a range or rough estimate still goes a long way.

Recruiting From Your Surroundings

One of the best places to start your recruitment journey is in your local community. Making physical and digital job postings seeking new staff members from your immediate vicinity is an easy way to attract talent that you can vet quickly and incorporate into your local operations reliably. You might meet local talent at networking events, conferences, or even events you choose to organize yourself.

Use Social Media To Find Top Talent

While recruiting locally has its advantages, Paycor notes that social media can also serve as an excellent place to meet talented workers and begin a dialogue with them. Some websites center entirely around this premise, such as LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter, and they can provide easy avenues for you to weed out the best candidates and initiate interactions. Online recruiting has the benefit of expanding your pool of potentials exponentially, although you’ll have to put even more effort into vetting their credentials.

Bring a Professional Recruiter Into the Fold

A staffing agency can save you significant amounts of time and effort if you’re willing to pay for their expertise. If you’re running a thriving business, you might not have time to focus on recruiting new candidates yourself, or you might trust the judgment of a third party more and desire to remove yourself from the process so that you're more objective. Whatever your reasoning, vet the recruiter thoroughly yourself.

Prepare Recruitment Materials

However, you choose to recruit, preparing recruitment materials can be a smart way to save time on explanations about your company and its culture and values. A text-based explanation or a video can be attached to job postings, role descriptions on your company’s website, emails, or other communications.

Think About Your Unique Offerings

You’ll need to be objective and honest about what your company can offer to potential candidates. Workers who bring unique or high-level talents ultimately want to know what perks they can enjoy and how they’d be treated at the company. Figure out what makes your organization stand out among the crowd to actually do so in their eyes.

Also, consider the perks you offer employees. In addition to more traditional benefits like insurance, PTO and flex time, get creative to cast a wide net. For example, allow employees to bring their pets to work. WorkLife points out that having pets join the staff at the workplace can lead to a less stressful environment and even boost productivity. If you go this route, make sure you have an area where furry friends can call their own, and invest in quality products like cat trees and a few toys to keep them occupied.

Recruitment Doesn’t Have To Be a Tough Process

Recruiting strong candidates is a must for your organization, and by leveraging both local and online sources, hiring manpower when necessary, and explaining the standard and additional benefits of the roles offered, you can recruit top talent. Consider preparing strong media materials to serve these ends.

By: Ethel Lair,

Image via Pexels

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