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How to Not Be "That Guy" in Our Community

Let's talk about something vital for maintaining the harmony and productivity of our shared workspace: ensuring none of us become "that guy" at here at Toast and Jam Community.

We all want to enjoy a comfortable, efficient, and collaborative environment, so let’s explore 7 tips to help us all be considerate co-workers:


1. Respect Shared Spaces

Remember that our co-working space is a shared environment. Keep communal areas and meeting rooms clean and tidy. Always place your dishes in the dirty dish bin, dispose of trash properly, and leave spaces as you found them.

2. Keep Noise Levels Down

Whether you’re on a call or having a conversation, be mindful of your volume. Use headphones or a private phone booth for video calls and meetings, and try to find a private space for longer discussions. Respect others' need for quiet and focus.

3. Be Considerate with Shared Resources

Printer, coffee machine, and other shared resources are for everyone’s use.

Don’t hog them, and if you notice something is running low or broken, inform the staff promptly. This way, we can all keep things running smoothly.

4. Be Inclusive and Friendly

A smile and a greeting can go a long way. Welcome new members, participate in community events when possible, and be open to collaboration.

Our diversity is our strength, and a warm, inclusive attitude helps everyone feel at home.

5. Handle Conflicts Maturely

Conflicts can arise, but it’s important to handle them maturely. Address issues directly and respectfully, and if needed, involve a community manager to help find a solution.

6. Mind Your Personal Space

Respect others’ desks and personal items. Even if someone is not present at the moment, avoid taking over their workspace or equipment without permission. This fosters a respectful and trusting environment.

7. Adhere to Booking Etiquette

When booking meeting rooms or any other reservable space, stick to your allotted time and leave promptly for the next person.

If you no longer need a booked slot, cancel it so someone else can use it.


By following these simple guidelines, we can ensure our co-working space remains a productive, pleasant, and professional environment for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being a valued part of our community.

Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or feedback. We’re always looking to improve and appreciate your input.

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