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Designing a Hybrid Workspace

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This has become a popular solution because of the pandemic, and companies often benefit from hybrid workspaces designed with the goal of seamless collaboration for employees near and far. Design choices such as lighting, technology, furniture, and more significantly impact employee productivity. Hybrid workspaces should cater to both in-person and remote workers while bringing all worker types together. Hybrid work requires growing pains because it’s based on preferences instead of uniformity, but that’s also a positive thing. Employers should listen to employees’ needs. Let your employees enjoy the benefits of in-office and remote work, and respect what makes them comfortable — and consequently, productive. A win-win situation for everyone!

Spaces like Toast and Jam Community in Buford, GA are purpose-built for employees and entrepreneurs who thrive in remote and hybrid office environments.

Learn more about hybrid workplaces with this graphic.

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