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Manage Your Time, Money, and Business With These Apps

As an entrepreneur, you have plenty of ambition, an endless stream of ideas, and more than enough drive — but all of these traits can’t buy you more time. With only 24 hours in the day, it’s a challenge to tend to your business while you juggle your personal life and family responsibilities, too. There may not be a magical solution, but there are apps that come close. You can optimize your time and oversee your business all from the palm of your hand with the right mobile apps. Courtesy of Toast and Jam Community, check out the top selections to boost your productivity — and your profits, too!

Apps to Take Control of Your Personal Time

According to research, 41% of items on a to-do list never get done. Todoist aims to change this. Released in 2007, it was one of the first of its kind, and it remains one of the most popular options for time management. It works by allowing users to manage a dynamic to-do list and assign specific time periods to individual tasks.

Todoist has inspired a new generation of productivity apps, too, such as Loop — a productivity tracker that helps users establish habits through reinforcement and intuitive, open-source software. It tracks your long-term progress in continuously meeting goals so that you’re incentivized to continue achieving on a daily basis.

If you struggle the most with establishing focus, is the app for you. This app uses AI-powered music stations to help you tune in, eliminate distractions, and accomplish whatever task you have in front of you. It includes channels tailored to tasks such as studying, writing, meditation, focus, and sleeping — so no matter what you need to do, can help you do it.

Apps for Mobile Business Management

Of course, on top of your personal responsibilities, you’re a business owner — and you need apps for that, too. Apps like Calendly make it easy to schedule meetings, manage your itinerary, and invite collaboration from your teammates. Find time for travel, never forget meetings, and stay on top of your daily and weekly schedules.

When it comes to collaboration, few apps can match the power of Google Docs — and the entire Google office suite. Whether you’re working on docs, sheets, or another platform, Google offers the easiest tools for managing your work in real-time while collaborating with others.

Also, don’t forget about marketing! Luckily, these days, social media takes a lot of the guesswork out of advertising. For instance, you can use a Facebook ads maker to easily design an eye-catching ad that will allow you to reach a huge audience of potential customers and clients!

One of the most important tasks you face, though, is managing your business’s finances. Implement accounting software that connects to an app to make it incredibly easy to track daily cash flow, store transaction receipts, and find deductions for taxes — while ensuring that you’re totally tax compliant. Managing your company’s finances can be simple when you have the right accounting app.

Apps That Empower Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need all the support they can get. Whether you’re going at it solo or overseeing a team of 20, you need resources that will help you stay organized and maximize productivity. Try any of the apps on this list to see just how powerful the right program can be. Whether you need to find focus, track your finances, manage your schedule, or design compelling visuals there’s an app that can help you do so effectively — thus saving you time, money, and energy in the process. Find out how the right accounting app can pair with your software and offer financial insights on the go.

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Courtney Rosenfeld,

Image via Pexels

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